Links to important sites of interest to typographers, type designers, graphic designers, historians, and students. This list does not include everything but it is hoped will be useful as a guide to information of value. Where noted, the text is selected from the website of the designers. We are interested only in providing links which are good and the information presented up to date and showing the work of these important figures. We would like this information to be of use to all.

One of the best font sales outfits in the business. Services include identifying fonts, using the What the Font menu, and many others. Many small and large independent foundries make use of this unique service, a total of 305 including Nick's Fonts, Astigmatic, Bitstream, Porchez Typofonderie, Cape-Arcona, Mark Simonson, ShinnType, Storm, URW and many others. Fonts are supplied in a variety of formats. Previews are shown, and "test drives" of fonts are available where users can type some text and render it at a pre-defined range of point sizes. A foundry page is set up for each participating foundry.

Luc Devroye
An encyclopedia of information which will keep anyone occupied for hours or days. A great source of information about anything having to do with type: vendors, font designers, font companies big and small, and a great deal more. A must.

Emigre Fonts
The company founded by Zuzana Licko and Rudy Vanderlans has created many of the most important contemporary fonts of the past few years. Rudy Vanderlans, as the publisher, designer, and editor of the magazine Emigre, has made a significant contribution both to magazine design and to the presentation of relevant issues and ideas regarding type design and designers, and other design topics to the graphic design community. Ms Licko has created a very large body of font designs including Matrix, Dogma, Citizen, Triplex, and many more. The firm also sells the designs of Jonathan Barnbrook (Mason Sans and Mason Serif), Barry Deck (Arbitrary Sans) and others. A wonderful resource for great fonts.

FontShop, the creation of Ed Cleary, Jürgen Siebert, and Erik Spiekermann, is one of the very best sources of fonts and font information. In addition to the sale of commercial fonts of the very highest quality, the firm publishes a catalog, FontBook, and includes on their website font magazine, with editorial commentary by Erik Spiekermann, and much more. It is also available in print.

The Hoefler Type Foundry
Jonathan Hoefler is simply one of the best font designers there is. His firm has offered types originally designed for Rolling Stone such as HTF Ziggurat, HTF Saracen, as well as many others. HTF Didot is a historical revival, brilliantly realized. HTF Requiem is also a family of types based on earlier work, in this case, that of Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi.

House Industries
A collection of fonts with a modern flavor. See especially the collection Simian and the Las Vegas fonts. Some sample free fonts.

Shinn Type
Nick Shinn, the English designer based in Toronto, has created several outstanding fonts. "ShinnType was founded in 1999 by Toronto-based, London-born art director and type designer Nick Shinn (1952). Prior to this, his type designs had been published by a number of companies, most notably in the FontFont library. ShinnType fonts are available online, and are sold around the world by vendors such as Fontworks (UK), Veer (Canada), Phil’s Fonts (USA) and the Fontastic network of distributors (FontShop). Nick has designed 21 typefaces, the most popular of which is Fontesque. His Walburn and Brown are on view daily in Canda’s The Globe and Mail, for which they were commissioned, and his 2001 design of the Richler typeface made the front page of the National Post and the Montreal Gazette — as a news item."
This is a quotation taken directly from the wonderful site featuring the fonts of Shinn.

Jeremy Tankard Typography
"Jeremy Tankard | Typography is based in London creating typographic design for a wide range of creative disciplines including advertising, corporate, graphic, publishing, television, digital, signage, environmental and architecture. Jeremy has worked with many companies around the world, co-ordinating, consulting and creating typographic images. He believes that the myriad qualities of typography are becoming more important as companies diversify across the increasing technologies. He has designed several typefaces for FontShop International, Agfa Monotype and Adobe. See the typefaces section on this website for more information."
Quoted text section from the site. Fonts such as Enigma, Shaker, Bliss are outstanding.

Lucas Fonts
The fonts of Luc(as) de Groot of Holland
"Luc(as) bases most of his fonts on the structures formed by traditional writing tools, specifically, a broad-nib, calligraphic pen. This thick/thin contrast gives a humanistic touch to letterforms. The sensual curves reflect a traditional approach that takes organic form into account. The idiosyncratic Dutch design of the 1980’s was of little influence, as are stylistic trends in general. His letterforms are built to endure. The commissioned designs especially prioritize the needs of the client. Luc(as) studied at the Royal Academy of applied arts in The Haag, where type design came to be one of his favorite obsessions. He built a photographic typesetting device, to be able to set self made type. In 1991 Luc(as) was working at the corporate design bureau BRS Premsela Vonk in Amsterdam, and a Dutch ministry wanted to have some exclusive logo types. He used the serifs from those school sketches and applied them in the new design. These characters formed the basis for TheMix. In Amsterdam, Luc(as) started digitising the fonts he had designed by traditional means. After four years of working with BRS on Dutch corporate design projects, Luc(as) moved to MetaDesign in Berlin to get international experience and to be able to focus more on type design. As technology developed, the idea ripened and the skills grew. In 1993 all the ingredients were available to make designing a big font family possible: pencils to do fast, rough sketches, a scanner, intelligent type design software (FontStudio), ten years of experience, a big computer monitor and high resolution laser printer for immediate decisions; a lively post-wall metropolis, inspiring fellow designers willing to do beta-testing, and a type distribution center next door. Shortly after the start of FontFabrik, Luc(as) became professor in type design at the design university in Potsdam, Berlin, where he emphasizes viewing and digital curve drawing skills."
Text taken directly from the site.

T-26 Digital Type Foundry
The founder of the foundry T-26, Carlos Segura, is one of the best designers around, and the site is terrific, with many clever features including a zoom control to enlarge and reduce font size. Designers include Peter Bruhn, Chank Diesel, Margo Chase, Rian Hughes, Jim Marcus, Brode Vosloo, Anuthin Wongsunkakon, One Way Out, many more. A must.

A type foundry in Malmö, Sweden, started by Peter Bruhn. With a new design, circa 11.02. Cool.

Creative Alliance
The Creative Alliance typeface library was formed in 1997 by Agfa and Monotype Typography include fonts from Monotype and Agfa, some 6800 or more in all, from some of the best designers ever in the business. A great source for digitized fonts of historical interest, including work by Frederic Goudy, others. The font site opens, somewhat confusingly, as

Garcia Fonts
The group in Spain features type designs of very high quality.
"The typefaces from the catalogue have been designed by contributors, and they are the type material for exchanging and new future incomings into the Garcia fonts type library.
The fonts can be adquired as an exchange: A contribution of a personally designed font (that can enlarge the font library) for selected fonts from the Garcia fonts & co. catalogue. The Garcia fonts are not subdued under copyright, as the typefaces are copyright free. The fonts can be modified without restraint as they are introduced as form ideas to enable the user to define its final form."
Text from site, un-edited.

The wonderful, inventive, totally great magazine, with fonts for sale, some for free, a printed magazine, with issues illustrated on the site. Published quarterly by Orange Juice Design, Durban and Cape Town, South Africa. Published by Garth Walker, with creative team of Walker, Alex Sudheim, Peter Hudson, Shani Ahmed, Jean Hofmeyr, Sean Harison, Brode Vosloo, Brandt Botes, Sheila Dörje, Heidi Pieterson, Gareth Chisolm, Roualt Van Wyk, Wilhelm Krüger, William Rea.

Garage Fonts
One of the best of the independent font publishers. Some of the best of the new designs. Terrific stuff from many quite original, talented designers including
Randall Addison
Lionel Barat
Dave Bastian
Marcus Burlile
Todd Childers
Claus Collstrup
Ray Cruz
Brigitte Foissac
Simon Grennan & Chrisopher Sperandio
Einar Gylfason
Mark Harris
Stefan Hattenbach
Hector Herrera
Jason Hogue
Mary-Anne King
Stefan Kjartansson
Peter Kin Fan Lo
Todd Masui
Alan Maxwell
Hans Meier
Greg Meronek
Thomas Mettendorf
Michael Petters
Pieter van Rosmalen
Thomas Schostok
Brian Sooy
Alvin Tan
Jackson Tan
Marc Tassell
Chris Wiener

Fonthead Design
Ethan and Lisa Dunham have been around for a long time (in cyber time that is), offering high quality fonts, including some freeware. And a nice site too. You will see their fonts in many places. Well worth the visit.

The magazine of type, run by
Joshua Lurie-Terrell
Stephen Coles
Matthew Bardram
Patric King
Created using the program Movable Type 2.5... "It is a decentralized, web-based personal publishing system designed to ease maintenance of regularly updated news or journal sites, like weblogs."
"Movable Type is a decentralized web-based personal publishing system designed to ease maintenance of regularly-updated content. This content can consist of, but is not limited to, entries in a weblog or online journal, photographs in an online photo gallery, news headlines on a newspaper site, or articles in an online magazine. Developed by the husband/wife team of Benjamin Trott and Mena G. Trott, Movable Type is a testament of the power of independent software. Since its first release in October 2001, Movable Type has grown to be a full-featured and robust system which is constantly updated and integrated with the day's latest advances in personal publishing. Movable Type's greatest strength lies in its flexibility; most everyone who uses the system is amazed by just what it can do. A list of some of the system's larger features can be found here. Part of Movable Type success can also be attributed to the amount of support all users receive; the support forums are staffed by both a dedicated set of Movable Type users and the creators of the software, allowing you fast access to answers from expert users of the system. Additionally, the Movable Type community is growing daily — while this allows the software to flourish, it also means that users will continue to offer great resources and tutorials for others."
Text from the web site of Movable Type.
This mag is useful, packed with information.

Thirst & Thirstype
The site of designer, font creator Rick Valicenti and type designer, wunderkind Chester. Thirst, the creation of Valicenti, is an agency which includes as clients Herman Miller, The Monacelli Press, and Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes. "Today, the firm is devoted to strategic identity design excellence in all [digital] media." Thirstype was created by Valicenti in 1993, "a type boutique foundry devoted to individual typographic expression." This high profile agency site is definitely worth a visit.

Orisinal: Morning Sunshine
And now for something completely different. Check out the Flash type treatments in the experiments section, and the games at this very original, inventive site. Awesome (not overused word here). Flash has meaning here, not just another techie thing.

bd4d Creative Fight Club
By Designers For Designers, a cool site with lots of opinion, news, etc. Please check it out. Worth the visit.

Dutch Type Library
For the best in Dutch type, revivals, new designs of the very highest quality, you must go here. Don't miss the JvK Project. Text in Dutch.

The San Francisco based outfit, a small independent type foundry, "PSY/OPS® showcases the work of type designers from San Francisco and beyond. The focus of the collection is on text & display systems which are well grounded but which also bring something new and different. The concepts originate on the drawingboards and monitors of historians and experimentalists, dedicated veterans and inspired laymen. Once selected, the ideas are refined, balanced, and perfected by obsessive sets of hands and eyes in a secluded office in downtown San Francisco. Why Psychological Operations? Because type is a powerful behavior modification tool. Transparent to the consumer; transcendent to the designer who knows how to use it." Designers include Robert Beck, Lars Bergquist, RXC (Rodrigo Xavier Cavazos, founder of PSY/OPS), Mario Feliciano, Tomi Haaparanta, Stefan Hattenbach, others. Outstanding designers, in a lovely setting. Go there.

The site of Swiss designer André Baldinger, excellent type designs by this very talented artist. The most interesting font is Newut, a sans serif (mostly) in which the capitals are designed to be the same height as the lowercase. In Classic, Tip or Plain variations, each style or variation having three weights, Light, Medium and Heavy.

Brian Sooy & Co.
The Sooy Type Foundry includes the fonts of Brian Sooy under the name Altered Ego Fonts, as well as others. Also on the site are design services. Quite good work from this small foundry.

One of the best and biggest font distribution companies, with fonts from Adobe, Agfa, Bitstream, Carter & Cone, P22, Linotype, Ortiz-Lopez, Paratype, 2 Rebels, Monotype, many more. Plus, some free stuff, and the very good on-line X-Height Magazine. Also includes clip art and stock photos. One of the very best sites for everything.
A very no-nonsense site with some of the best European/others font designs around. Must check this one.
"about lineto
lineto was founded as a loose partnership by cornel windlin and stephan mueller (a.k.a. pronto), two designers/art directors working independently in zurich and berlin.
lineto - the name is borrowed from the postscript page description language - was founded in 1994 to collaborate on the final production work of typefaces we had licensed to fontshop international's "fontfont" label. in 1999, we took things one step further and launched to make our fonts available online. all lineto library fonts are available exclusively from this website.
the typefaces shown on the site are mostly by-products of our individual design projects now adapted for the use by a wider audience. additionally, we feature typefaces by nico schweizer (new york), martha stutteregger (vienna), jonas williamsson/reala (stockholm), laurent benner (london), james goggin (auckland/london), masahiko nakamura (tokyo), norm (zurich), elektrosmog (zurich), urs lehni/raphael koch (luzern), and hans-jakob fehr (lausanne).
it is our aim to develop into an exciting platform for designers, re-investing revenue from the sale of our typographic products to finance collaborative projects between lineto designers, thus creating a continually evolving platform for ideas, projects, and possibly even debate. cornel windlin
stephan mueller a.k.a. pronto"
(text in quotes from the site description)

Chank Fonts
The links page on this site would not be complete without Chank Diesel (aka Charles R. Anderson). One of the first independent designers to put up a web site with original fonts and a Chank Tutorial on how to make them. Amusing and quite helpful in some respects. Not everyone will make fonts this way, but this will illustrate how one person does it. And no one else has Chank's unique view of things. A must see.

Check this unique site out. Hard to describe, you need Shockwave and Flash to view. Some freebie fonts. A great place to see, the work of Cecilia Garside, David Gibson, David Hand, Jonathan Hitchen, John Humphries, Ian Mitchell, Paul Musgrave, Oliver Payne, Simon Vaughan. There is commercial work here, posters, fonts, etc.

A site "dedicated to typography and its history." A very clever Flash-driven site with special sections on letter anatomy, classification, glossary, timeline. A lovely site, with informative articles on type. The timeline is especially worth seeing, with a very clever approach to the subject, i.e., the history of marking from 15,000 BC to the present. Cool.

The Type Quarry
One of the earliest and best of the historic revivals sites. And a leader in the move to create and support ethical guidelines for the copyright of type font design.

Typotheque Font Foundry
"T Y P O T H E Q U E is a type foundry based in The Hague, the Netherlands, developing and marketing original fonts for Mac and PC. Our commitment is to continue the traditions of independent type foundries, contributing its tiny bit to the continuous sequence of type history, creating quality typefaces of its time and needs. Founder Peter Bilak has built a set of exclusive text and display faces, available in PostScript, TrueType and OpenType, in standard Latin, and custom encoding sets. In addition to developing the retail library, Typotheque specializes in creating custom type solutions for a variety of applications and languages. The website is made to inspire and provide valuable information on type, design and related matters."
Text in quotes by Peter Bilak, copyright Peter Bilak.

Porchez Typofonderie
The site for the display and sale of the fonts of Jean Francois Porchez, the noted French font designer, who has designed fonts including Ambroise, Angie Sans, Apolline 2.0, Le Monde Journal, Le Monde Sans, Le Monde Livre, Parisine, and others. One of the best in the business.

TYPO Your Guide to Central European Typography
A great source for info re Central European fonts, from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, other countries. Put together by Filip Blazek. A unique guide with much useful information.

Storm Type Foundry
A type foundry in the Czech Republic with fonts designed by Frantisek Storm and the pioneer Czech designer Vojtech Preissig. Superb designs. This is a site to go to for news of Central European type design.

Partners Mike Kohnke and Joachim Muller-Lance create a variety of different designs, based in San Francisco.

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