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More links to important sites of interest to typographers, type designers, graphic designers, historians, and students. This list does not include everything but it is hoped will be useful as a guide to information of value. Where noted, the text is selected from the website of the designers. We are interested only in providing links which are good and the information presented up to date and showing the work of these important figures. We would like this information to be of use to all. A little note for all. Quoted text on these links pages from the sites is copyright the original authors.

While type font design did not start at Adobe, the PostScript language did, and with that contribution to technology began a new era in publishing and type font design. The digitization of thousands of historically important fonts as well as newly developed fonts began here. The PostScript language is a page-description language, setting forth the appearance of text, graphics, and images. It is the foundation for printing and page construction as we know it today.

Apply Design Group
The design firm in Hanover, Germany, founded by Thomas Sokolowski, type designers include Steven Boss, Jens Gelhaar, Yanek Iontef, Manfred Klein, others.

Apostrophic Laboratories
In a new guise, the great Apostrophic Lab is at work again. Text in Spanish at first but don't let that get to you, as the fonts are the same as they have always been with great designs.

The English foundry/design company begun by Rian Hughes in 1997. A wonderful site, Flash graphics. Many cool fonts. Must.

Elliott Peter Earls
A must see site created by this unusual type designer. Emigre carries many of his best known designs. There are none other like Earls.

The Font Bureau
One of the best, earliest independent type foundries in the business, founded by David Berlow and Roger Black. Designers include Black, Berlow, Matthew Carter, Leslie Cabarga, Matthew Butterick, Rick Valicenti, many more. Simply one of the best, and with a very nice site. Also publishes a lovely catalogue. Don't miss it.

Based in Frankfurt and Berlin, this firm designs graphic work, fonts, etc., with type designers Alexander Branczyk, Stefan Hauser, Alessio Leonardi, Thomas Nagel, Heike Nehl, Sibylle Schlaich. Fonts available from Face2Face and FontShop International. New, awesome. Cool. Etc.

Founded by Luc(as) de Groot, Othmar Motter, based in Berlin. Fonts available from Luc(as) de Groot at LucasFont website (see earlier link). This site features Flash images, animation. Some of the best, most original fonts around in Europe, especially Thesis.

This firm has been around since 1994, begun by Bob Aufuldish, with Kathy Warinner, Bob Aufuldish designing type. The firm is also a design office. Lovely site with much to see that is original.

Here the types of Italian Alessio Leonardi. You must see this site. A brilliant designer of type and graphics. The firm is based in Piacenza, Italy and Berlin, Germany, founded by Fabrizio Schiavi, Fabio Caleffi, Dina Cucchiaro. Type designers include Leonardi, Fabrizio Schiavi. Go to it.

ITC The International Typeface Corporation
The great company which has been in business since 1973, distributes and sells thousands of typefaces designed by Herb Lubalin, Ed Benguiat, Aldo Novarese, Mark Jamra, David Farey, Robert Slimbach, Hermann Zapf, Matthew Carter, Sumner Stone, David Quay, José Mendoza, many many more. Also publishes an on-line magazine U&LC, Upper & Lower Case, at one time published in paper. Find here fonts for sale, resources and much else. Based in New York. You can't get better than this for established firms.

Linotype Library
The famous company which pioneered innovations such as the Linotype typecasting machine was established in 1886 by Ottmar Mergenthaler. Included at this site are designs by such luminaries as Adrian Frutiger, Hermann Zapf, Gerard Unger, Peter Matthias Noordzij, Reinhard Haus, Franco Luin, many more. Fonts like Times, Helvetica, Palatino, Univers are available here as well as other places, including FontShop International, Type Associates Esselte Letraset, many more.

A small firm in The Hague, The Netherlands, founded in 1996 by Jeroen Barendse and Thomas Castro. Graphic designers and type font designers, creative new work here.

The Russian site based in Moscow, boasts the world's largest library of Cyrillic fonts. Fonts distributed by FontShop International, FontWorks, and FontHaus. Varioius software is also available at this site.

This site is located in Hamburg, Germany, includes type designers Bigelow & Holmes, Frank Blokland, Albert Jan Pool, Volker Schnebel, Gerard Unger, Jovica Veljovic, Hermann Zapf, many more. Fonts distributed by URW America, FontShop International. Fonts are offered from other foundries including Adobe, Agfa, Emigre, FontBureau, etc. Software offered by this company includes Linus, a program for the automatic digitization of logos, etc, Ikarus, a system for the design and production of digital fonts.

This site, begun by Jared Benson in April of 2000, includes a critical forum available to you for font design submissions. Serious, relevant, and helpful criticism follows by some of the best around. There is a great deal more here and this is well worth the visit for the concerned designer, student, teacher. Don't miss this one. I recommend it for everyone interested in theory, type design and technique.

The Enschedé Font Foundry
The famous Dutch foundry is still in business, with superb designs of current vintage by such as Bram de Does, others. The foundry where the great Dutch designer Jan Van Krimpen worked on developing some of the most original designs of the century, including Lutetia, Romulus, Antigone, many others.

Dalton Maag Ltd.
An English type foundry/design firm based in London. The firm is headed by the founder and principal Bruno Maag. Designers include Vincent Connare, designer of Comic Sans and Trebuchet, Ron Carpenter, formerly of Monotype, designer of Dante and Amasis. Superb fonts designed here also include Dedica, InterFace, Lexia, Pan, and Royalty. Thanks to Bruno Maag for the information.

Point Central
A very nice font site based in France, with free font downloads, plus a great deal of information including tutorials on how to create type, from the initial drawing to digitization. I recommend this endeavor. It is well worth the visit.

Process Type Foundry
An independent type foundry based in Minneapolis, owned by Eric Olson. "Eric Olson is a type designer and teacher living in Minneapolis Minnesota. He has worked as a designer for Intermedia Arts, The Walker Art Center and later as Information Repair. In addition to developing typefaces for the Process Type Foundry, he teaches typography and type design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)."
Quoted text copyright Eric Olson, from the Process Type Foundry site. Superb designs by this small foundry.

An English type foundry, based in London. Several very well-crafted designs from this firm are here.

ISTD International Society of Typographic Designers
This is a classy site, worth the visit. Flash driven, a noteworthy organization devoted to design education, based in England.

Diphthong Interactive Design
A design firm located in Singapore, this Flash site is one of the most amazing around. Brilliant design, sound, ideas. The design portfolio of Max Hancock and Soh Leng Hancock is presented here. You must go to this site for some of the most original ideas I have seen in years.

Kombinat Typefounders
A type foundry located in Basel, Switzerland, fonts by Paul van der Laan, Hannes F. Famira, and Thomas Nesser and Thomas Müller. Cool.

Type Invaders
An independent foundry in The Hague, The Netherlands, includes a lovely font from Paul van der Laan, Rezident, in various weights. Look at this now for some of the best Dutch type design.

büro destruct
The Swiss firm of graphic designers including Lopetz, Mbrunner, H1reber, Moritz, and HeiWID (nicknames which they prefer) creates brilliant graphic and font designs. Another example of superb European design. A must see web site. There are also free fonts here. Fonts can be found in the special site at

"Type-Ø-Tones is a typographic design company from Barcelona, Spain. Its members, Joan Barjau, Enric Jardí, Laura Meseguer and José Manuel Urós, self-employed graphic designers, share the love and particular vision of type with illustration, teaching, music and pixel-pushing. They joined forces in 1990 to create this foundry and throughout these years, designers, illustrators and artists had made contributions to their collection of types.
· Zubizarreta by Joan Barjau
Certificate of Excellence in Typographic Design at the International Typeface Contest Bukva:raz! organized by the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI). Moscow, 2001
Distribution: FontShop International and Type-Ø-Tones"
(text courtesy Laura Meseguer, Type-Ø-Tones.) A great feature of this site are pdf files for accurate samples of fonts.

Maniackers Design Web Site
Based in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan, this site, largely in Japanese, features many good font designs, also graphic designers, headed by Masayuki Sato, Masashi Kato, Junya Yamada. Lots of Flash.

Test Pilot Collective
Fonts for sale and some freeware/shareware for download. Also includes image archive pages.

The wonderful mag site with freeware fonts of very high quality offered. Based in Essen, Germany, the mag run by Dirk Uhlenbrock has been very popular and has been in business for 4 years. It offers typographic experiments, downloadable for free, from designers in the uk, the netherlands, sweden, italy, usa, and germany. A great place to visit. Check it.

Gerard Unger
The great Dutch type designer has his own site, and take a look. Some of the best in the world.

Keith Tam: typography + beyond
A wonderful site by the talented designer based in Vancouver, Canada. "A Hong Kong expatriate who went to school in the U.K. and currently a Canadian citizen residing in Vancouver, Keith is a communication designer and craftsman of letters with a multicultural perspective. He has been practicing calligraphy, lettering and typography for a number of years, and, not surprisingly, he got into graphic design because of typography, not pictures of things. His musical background (he is a pianist and a baritone), travel experience and his calligraphic practice have strongly inspired his typography and typeface design. He graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver with a Bachelor of Design degree in 2001 and recently completed his MA in Typeface Design at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, U.K."
Biographical information in quotes from website.

A superb company which sells many things visual including type from Robert Slimbach, many others. See especially the new type from Slimbach, Brioso Pro.

Set up by Michel Bujardet, who runs Matchfonts, begun in August 2001. Commercial fonts, many free demos in different formats.

Toxic Type
New to us, designs by Rob Dobi.

Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
Fonts by principal of AOETI Brian J. Bonislawsky, a proponent of grunge, freaky freeware stuff, but also has developed conservative text fonts.

L'Atelier Telescopique
Stephane Meurice, Sebastien Delobel, Xavier Meurice and Guillaume are the designers here, based in Lille, France. Work includes web design, custom font designs.

Irish designer Joe Gillespie is the prime mover here, with designs expecially for the computer screen, all pixel fonts.

Prototype Experimental Foundry
Experimental stuff, based on New York City, flash required to view.

The Foundry
Great English type outfit, with superb designs.

Underware is a (typo)graphic design-studio which is specialized in designing and producing typefaces. These are published for retail sale or are specially tailor-made. The company was founded in 1999 by Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs and Sami Kortemäki. Since 2002 Hugo Cavalheiro d'Alte is also part of the studio. We are based in Den Haag, Helsinki and Amsterdam." Good stuff from this excellent Dutch firm.

A new one to me, check it out. Excellent.

The always good TypOasis.

(more to come)