American wood type fonts from the 19th century. Historically accurate reproductions of wood type produced in the 19th century in a variety of styles.

These fonts are available for the MAC and for the PC in type 1 Postscript format. Selected fonts are now offered in the Open Type format. These include Jensen Old Style, Clarendon Condensed, Clarendon Extended, Clarendon Condensed Bold, Clarendon Extra Condensed Demi Bold, Gothic Special Thin, Gothic Special Normal, Gothic Special Condensed Medium, Gothic Special Condensed Bold, Rubens Regular, Teniers Regular, Number 154, Antique Sans, Antique Shadow, Tuscan Italian Round, Gothic Tuscan Round, French Antique, Gothic Tuscan Condensed Medium and Egyptian Wide. We will continue to expand our offerings in this format.

Fonts are $15, $20 and $25 each. Those offered at $20 each include Tuscan Italian Round, Gothic Tuscan Round, French Antique, and Antique Tuscan Condensed. Clarendon Extra Condensed Demi Bold & Gothic Tuscan Condensed Medium are $25.

These fonts have been created solely for the purpose of explaining the nature of wooden type as it was created in the 19th century.These fonts are not to be re-sold, re-marketed, or compiled as fonts for sale by others.

Many but not all fonts feature complete character sets. Adobe Acrobat pdf files with sample text and characters are available as listed on individual font pages. It is our intention to make as many fonts available with complete character sets as possible, including upper and lower case as well as numbers, and complete punctuation, when possible.

All original fonts included here are not to be re-sold or included as marketed material in any form.

Jordan Davies

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The types shown below are available from In addition, many more not shown here are also available from

A variety of types are available.

Aetna Bold
Antique Condensed Bold
Antique Five
Antique Sans
Antique Shadow
Antique Six
Antique Three
Antique Tuscan 1
Antique Tuscan 8
Antique Tuscan Condensed
Antique Tuscan Heavy
Antique Wells Medium
Clarendon Condensed
Clarendon Condensed Bold
Clarendon Extended
Clarendon Extra Condensed Demi Bold
Clarendon Heavy
Concave Tuscan X Condensed
DeVinne Wood
DeVinne Wood Italic
Doric Condensed
Doric Expanded
Egyptian Bold
Egyptian Ornamented
Egyptian Regular
Egyptian Two
Egyptian Wide
French Antique Condensed
Gothic Bold
Gothic Bold Extended
Gothic Extra Extended
Gothic Special Condensed Bold
Gothic Special Condensed Medium
Gothic Special Normal
Gothic Special Thin
Gothic Tuscan No. 8
Gothic Tuscan No. 8 Pointed
Gothic Tuscan 9 Narrow
Gothic Tuscan Concave
Gothic Tuscan Condensed Medium
Gothic Tuscan Pointed Narrow
Gothic Tuscan Round
Grecian Bold Condensed
Grecian XX Condensed
Jensen Old Style
Kurilian Regular
Number 154
Number 515 Black
Roman X Condensed
Roman X Expanded
Roman Wells Bold
Rubens Regular
Skeleton Antique Light
Teniers Regular
Trenton Ornamented
Tuscan Egyptian
Tuscan Italian
William Page 500
William Page 506
Wood Regular

Original designs

Bevan Condensed
Bevan Medium
Inline Regular
London Light
London Heavy
Neo Geo Block
Slab Four Rounded
Slab Four Rounded Italic
Slab Four Rounded Revised